The Geognostics team is based in the UK and Australia and combines three decades of experience in structural geology, plate tectonics, seismic stratigraphy, potential field geophysics and GIS.

The Geognostics Approach

At Geognostics, we believe that ‘out of the box’ lateral thinking is the key to solving long-standing geological problems and providing ‘new view in old areas’. Our approach recognizes that:

  • Seismic- and well-based exploration is essential but can be costly and resource intensive, and is limited to areas with these datasets;

  • Reliance on well and seismic data alone can result in a ‘top-down, wells-out exploration view’ where abundant white space remains, even in mature basins; and,

  • Many geological tools, especially non-seismic geophysical datasets, are vastly under-utilized in traditional exploration workflows

The Geognostics approach incorporates a‘map view’,‘bottom-up’ and ‘scale-down’ view of basins. This workflow starts with the Geognostics Earth Model (GEM) and incorporates SEEBASE™ as the most effective way to understand exploration white-space in both mature and frontier basins.

GEM: The Geognostics Earth Model
  • We start with the Geognostics Earth Model (GEM™) to predict basin framework and history from the bottom-up..

  • Then build a regional map-view interpretation of the basins, and use this to build a section-view and 3D understanding – this is the most efficient and effective way to understand ‘white space’ in basins.

  • By understanding the shape of a basin, the nature of its basement, the geological events that shaped it, and the way it was filled from the bottom-up, we can rapidly build new predictive views of basins and reduce exploration risk.

We use this approach to help our clients find basin resources, from oil to groundwater, from gas to geothermal energy. Each Geognostics study is scoped with the Client to address specific scientific questions, understand client expectations, utilize client datasets and knowledge, and to deliver a fully integrated, customized product.

Our Clients

Near-global SEEBASE Depth to Basement coverage

Our approach and workflows are relevant for any group that needs to understand geology. We work with companies of all sizes across several market sectors, as well as governments, geological surveys and NGOs:

  • Conventional oil and gas exploration

  • Unconventional oil and gas exploration

  • Mineral exploration

  • Geothermal energy

  • Groundwater

  • Education


The Geognostics Team is led by:


Jon Teasdale, PhD

Chief Geologist


Jane Blevin, PhD

Director, Business Development


Lynn Pryer, PhD

Principal Consultant


Tim Debacker, PhD

Principal Consultant


Jon Teasdale, PhD

After graduating from the University of Adelaide in 1992 with BSc (Hons), Jon worked as a field geologist in remote areas in Australia and Antarctica. Jon obtained his PhD from The University of Adelaide in 1997, during which he pioneered new methods for understanding poorly exposed geology. He has worked as a geological consultant for the past 20 years; initially with Etheridge Henley Williams and SRK Consulting serving the minerals industry in Australia, Africa and PNG.

In 1999 he helped form SRK’s Energy Services division, that spawned Frogtech in 2004, where he consulted widely in the oil, gas, coal and geothermal energy sectors in more than 30 countries on all continents. Clients included most oil majors, government agencies, national oil companies, independents and juniors.

He joined Shell in 2007 as a Global Geological Consultant. He advised and mentored all Shell exploration teams worldwide, as well as providing in-house expertise on non-seismic integration and interpretation, plate tectonics, structural geology, basin modeling and risk management.

Jon formed Geognostics with Henri Tykoezinski in 2017

Jane Blevin

Petroleum Geologist and Management Consultant with over 28 years of global experience in the upstream oil and gas industry. Former CEO and Director of International Sales and Marketing at Frogtech Geoscience.

Past positions as a Principal Geoscientist at Frogtech (Integrated Basin Analysis, Petroleum Systems and Tectonic Studies) and Geoscience Australia (Group Manager and Team Leader) with project expertise in Australia, New Zealand, PNG, China, SE Asia, North Atlantic, Brazil, Oman, North Africa and areas of North America.

Tim Debacker

Tim graduated from the University of Ghent (Belgium) with MSc in 1996, obtained an MSc in Structural Geology and Rock Mechanics from Imperial College (UK) in 1997, and obtained a PhD in Structural Geology from the University of Ghent (Belgium) in 2001. This was followed by a ten-year long postdoc career in Europe and New Zealand, focussing on mapping in poorly exposed areas, structural geology, soft-sediment deformation, and magnetic fabric analysis.

In 2012 Tim joined Frogtech Geoscience (Australia), where he became an expert in potential field data interpretation and basement mapping, working on projects across the globe.

Back in Belgium, between 2016 and 2019, Tim was employed at the Flemish Government specialising in geological and policy work on the deep subsurface of Flanders and surrounding areas, with focus on geothermal potential.

Tim joined Geognostics in 2019.

Phil Henley

Phil has over 13 years of experience in GIS, software development, workflow and database design, specializing in the implementation of geologically-focused spatial systems, IT and data management.

He has managed data sourcing, compilation and processing for dozens of geological studies including Australia, New Zealand, North Atlantic, North Africa, and Southeast Asia and in the Middle East.