SEEBASE™  Intelligent Basement Maps

Depth-to-basement surfaces that define basin shape, size and evolution


What is SEEBASE™?

SEEBASE™ is a structurally enhanced depth-to-basement model that defines the 3D geometry of sub-surface basin systems. SEEBASE is built from a proprietary workflow that uses the integration, interpretation and calibration of a range of geophysical and geological datasets. The workflow culminates in a hand-contoured depth-to-basement surface that is delivered as grids and images in ArcGIS.


SEEBASE Intelligent Basement Maps are the industry-standard depth-to-basement solution that aims to:

  • integrate all available geophysical and geological data with intelligent surface interpretation

  • define basin shape, depth and size, and can be used to understand source kitchens, migration pathways and charge focus areas

  • provide crucial input into basin models and reduce risk in both frontier and mature basins

    provide explorers with an innovative depth solution in a spatial (ArcGIS) project-ready format.

How is SEEBASE™ Produced?

In contrast to basement models produced by an inversion algorithm, the SEEBASE workflow starts with state-of-the-art processing and enhancements of potential field datasets. The SEEBASE interpreter incorporates constraining data from a wide range of geological and geophysical datasets. Together with our deep understanding of the nature of basement, structural and tectonic processes, the SEEBASE interpreter provides a depth-to-basement model that is consistent with all available datasets, modelling and current knowledge. 

SEEBASE is the result of a number of calibration and integration steps including: 

  • Extensive literature review

  • State-of-the-art geophysical processing, enhancements and imaging

  • Interpretation of basement terranes

  • Review  and update of plate reconstructions using GEM™, the Geognostics Earth Model.

  • Integration of tectonic events and structural responses

  • Assessment and integration of crustal architecture

  • Gravity and magnetic modelling

  • Calibration to seismic, wells, outcrop, rock properties, etc

SEEBASE™ Services and Products

A SEEBASE can be delivered as a tailored, client-focused consulting study that incorporates all relevant open-file and client datasets. A Client-Exclusive SEEBASE project is scoped to meet Client’s expectations, utilize existing data libraries and company knowledge, and to address specific scientific questions. Contact us for more information on scoping a Client-Exclusive SEEBASE project.

Geognostics also licenses non-exclusive, Multi-Client SEEBASE Studies from a global portfolio of products that were recently acquired from Frogtech Geoscience.

Geognostics can also provide a Client-customized uplift of the Frogtech SEEBASE Studies that will incorporate Client datasets and knowledge. Contact us for more information on a customized product uplift.

See our current portfolio of multi-client studies: Frogtech SEEBASE Studies Portfolio


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Tailored studies integrating your data

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